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Sport England's 10-year strategy

Bowling News

Sport England has unveiled a new 10-year strategy to support the future of physical activity in the country.

'Uniting the Movement' will focus on helping grassroots sport and physical activity recover from the effects of the coronavirus, as well as seek to tackle long-standing inequalities that have existed within our sector.

The strategy will also see an additional £50m made available for grassroots sport in the short term, in addition to the £220m of National Lottery and Exchequer funding it has already invested since March 2020.

Download and read this short summary of the strategy.

Sport England - Uniting the Movement - S
Download • 3.98MB

You can read the full Sport England strategy at:

The Sport & Recreation Alliance welcomes the strategy in their

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Feb 06, 2021

Hard work reading all this - skipped a lot of it. No one can disagree with the vast majority of it , if at all. It reads very well.

It wouldn’t be difficult to produce something not dissimilar for Bowling Organisations. Indeed, I think that the BCGBA has something along the lines of this document.


But having seen a number of these kind of forward thinking documents , I’m always left with questions such as -

- right , what happens now ?

- what are you actually going to do to achieve these objectives etc ? - what is the plan of work and who is charged to do it ?

- what are the planned timescales ? etc.


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