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Ladies Works League

You will be pleased to hear that we are planning for the return of League bowling and that the days of being a domestic goddess may be numbered, yippee! We are thinking positively that the pandemic is not going to last forever and that our days of leisure and pleasure beckon in 2021.

As we have a few less teams this year we have a bit more wiggle room with regard to our start date. We are therefore planning to start the season a little later than usual. Starting our matches in late April or early May appears to be the best option and provides more time for the vaccination roll-out programme.

Although competitions will probably be more complex to organise we are keen to provide you with the opportunity of competitive bowling. A singles competition would appear to be the most feasible option so we will plan to hold this in early/mid Summer. As for the drawn pairs competition this is probably left until later in the season along with a possible new team event.

Once we have firmed up the dates we will let you know.

The contact that we have had with Captains suggests that teams are ready and raring to go but if anything changes please let us know.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon, hair done, lipstick on, and ready for the off.

Best wishes

The Committee

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