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Readers Letters to the Daily Telegraph

The letters page of the Daily Telegraph has been a great source of amusement to me for many years. Amusement and often sensible opinions and so it is this weekend with a letter about the resumption of bowling. Although it comes from a reader in Wiltshire so is inevitably about lawn bowls, the sentiment and logic apply equally to crown green. It is, therefore, reproduced below for your information.

What could be safer than open-air lawn bowls?

SIR – I play lawn bowls. The Government made it clear that organised outdoor sport could begin, without restriction on numbers, in phase two of its roadmap out of lockdown, which starts on March 29.

The caveat was that the return had to comply with guidance from national governing bodies. I am surprised, therefore, that Bowls England is yet to publish guidance. The result is that clubs and leagues are taking matters into their own hands and cancelling competitions until the end of June, when it is hoped that restrictions will be lifted.

Yet with a little care it is possible to maintain a reasonable distance from other players. How long does it take for a governing body to say: “No teas, and don’t shake hands”? Most of us will have been vaccinated before the start of the season and are in more danger of suffering from loneliness, boredom and muscles seizing up because of lack of exercise, than catching coronavirus.

Amanda Dingle Swindon, Wiltshire

Tomorrow we look at the countdown to 29 March and what we can expect this week.

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