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R.I.P. Keith Mountain

Rest in Peace

Almondbury Bowling Club

Very sorry to announce the passing of Keith Mountain, the President of Almondbury Bowling Club, a keen bowler and well-regarded local artist. Keith passed away on Saturday after suffering a stroke last month although he had been making a good recovery from that. He was at the Almondbury BC Team KO match on Thursday and seemed in good heart.

Keith was born in Mirfield in 1944. On leaving school he studied at the Batley School of Art for 4 years, graduating with a degree in design. Most of his working career has been with major UK companies promoting their merchandise through design and display. Keith has had more than 20 one-person shows and been part of over another 20 selected group shows throughout the north of England as well as being a regular exhibitor at the Mall Galleries London. He took a residency at the Rectoria de Arte Contemporari e in St Pere, north of Barcelona, and was honoured to be the first British painter to be invited there; the work inspired by this visit led to a solo exhibition in Barcelona.

Keith was also a good friend of Rowley Hill Club donating original paintings over a period to be auctioned off or used as raffle prizes. A naturally quiet man but blessed with an artist's talent and common sense which made him an obvious choice for the leadership positions he tended to be invited to assume. A really nice man. R.I.P Keith Mountain

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