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Outlane BC 101-years-old Medallion story

Club News

Richard Hartley, the Chairman of Outlane Bowling & Social Club, contacted me about a medallion that had been donated to the club. This medallion has quite a history having been won by an Outlane bowler in 1922 after a club competition. It is a good story with a happy ending that we are delighted to share with all HuddWeb readers.

Richard Hartley takes up the story ....

In early August I received an e-mail from someone called Pat Pearson, who was unknown to me. It read… I was wondering if the Outlane Bowling Club could help us identify my grandfather’s medallion that we have.

We are not sure what it was presented for or who by.

My grandfather was Jimmy Shearman who ran the Wagon and Horses pub with my grandmother in Outlane for many years.

The engraving on the back states:





We are not sure if the medallion was related to bowling, but any help would be appreciated.

I have attached photos of the crest and the engraving for information.

When we look up Hoyle Cup on the internet it comes up as football-related, so we really would appreciate any help you or the club may be able to offer.

Kind Regards

Pat Pearson

I was delighted when I read the e-mail and looked at the photos which confirmed what Pat had written. The photos (below) showed the engraving but, by way of confirmation that it was genuine, on the other side of the medallion was the Huddersfield coat of arms.

I was well aware that our Hoyle Cup dates back to 1915 and has all the winner's names engraved upon it. Sure enough, when I visited the club and looked at the Hoyle Cup the 1922 winner was James W Shearman. (Not only that, but his name also appears on the World War I roll of honour hanging above our bar.)

I replied to Pat and attached some photos of the cup confirming James’s win of that year.

Delighted that their mystery had been solved, Pat and her husband Derek, kindly decided to donate the 101-year-old medallion to our club. This was a wonderful gesture. I was truly delighted, honoured and extremely thankful to them.

One Sunday morning in mid-September they drove over to Outlane from their home near Preston to pass the medallion over. They saw the Hoyle Cup and the Roll of Honour. We had photos and coffee and a chat.

Pat summarised things perfectly by saying that after all those years her grandfather’s medallion has finally come home.

I took the medallion to AC Gallery on Byram Street who then did a wonderful job of mounting it – see photo – in time for our AGM and Presentation Night.

So we now have a wonderful 101-year-old piece of club history to display hopefully for generations to come.

I sent Pat and Derek some photos of the finished framed medallion and received the following reply.

Thank you so much for the photos and keeping us up to date, it has been really touching and very much appreciated, the photos brought us to tears.

The framed presentation of the medal with the photo of Jim is amazing, what a fantastic way to bring the medallion to life and at the same time enhance your clubs history.

You have made us so very proud.

I am so pleased that we called to the club and can now picture in our minds where the medal is living, so much better than in a box under a bed!

Thank you for the open invite, we would love to come and visit, perhaps we could call when you have a competition on in the spring/summer.

Thank you so much

Kind Regards

Derek and Pat Pearson

As a Town fan, I noted this medallion was awarded in the year of Huddersfield Town’s only F.A. Cup win, in the last final prior to it moving to Wembley Stadium.

Ironically, they beat Preston North End in the final, the place where Pat & Derek live and the team who Derek and his family support.

LATER: Dave Parkin sent me a couple of reports of Outlane matches from 1922 featuring Jim Shearman - you need to scroll right to the bottom of this page to see them.

If you have a bowling story to share with our readers then do please get in touch. We do enjoy sharing such moments with our visitors who relish the memories that such stories often generate.

LATER: Dave Parkin sent me a couple of scorecards from Outlane matches in April and May 1922 when Jim Shearman had a couple of big wins.

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