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One team withdraws from Veterans 10-Man League

Updated: Jan 1

Veterans League

The end of another year and bowling clubs can start to look forward to a new summer season which starts with the Veterans League with their traditional first Tuesday in April start. This is the usual opening day of fixtures for the 10-Man League which needs the full 26 Tuesdays there are in the calendar to fit all their fixtures in before the end of September, their usual end date.

I am aware that there have already been 4 new teams applying to join the 6-Man League whilst one team was withdrawn from the 10-Man League. Bradley & Colne struggled to field a full 10-man team last season and have given in to that pressure after failing to improve their situation over the winter period. So as well as withdrawing their 10-man team they have decided to field a new team in the 6-Man League along with a further three new teams.

Sometimes the 6-Man League start their season the day before the 10-Man League but in recent times, with fewer teams in each division, this hasn't been necessary especially when the first Monday in April happens to be Easter Monday as it is this year. However that may depend on any plans to 'rebalance' the Divisions in the 10-Man League as promised by the Management Committee a year ago.

Two key dates that all clubs need to be aware of are the deadline date for new teams to apply to join the League and the deadline date to transfer any bowler between two Veterans League clubs..

The final date for for new team applications is the 2nd Monday in January which is Monday 8 January in 2024 just 8 days away. The bowler transfer deadline day is the last day of March which is Sunday 31 March.

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