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One place left in Weston Park Trophy KO

Club News: Brockholes BC

The 7th staging of the Weston Park Trophy competition is being staged at Brockholes BC with the two qualifying days later this month. There remains just one vacancy and that is for the Saturday 25 March qualifying day.

The two qualifying rounds are being played on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th March. Finals Day is a 1pm start time on Saturday 8 April. Just follow the guidance below to submit your entry now with £2,000 in the prize fund. Full details below.

Will Paul Dudley carry his 2022 form into 2023 and be the first to retain this title? Or will a new name be etched into the trophy, making it 7 different winners in 7 years? As ever the competition is all about raising money for the Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity and appreciate any support alongside this competition which has become a real success in the last few years.

HuddWeb has made its first-ever sponsorship arrangement to provide financial support to the 2023 Weston Park Trophy competition. This is one of the few competitions that is really run to support a charitable cause and I hope that the added exposure we can provide through the website will aid the Sykes family to provide a huge donation to the Weston Park Charity.

Contact Liam Sykes on Facebook or on 07359082724 to enter.

Payment is accepted by bank transfer or PayPal.

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