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New trophies for Divisions 4 & 5

Winter League

We are pleased to announce that we have received further generous sponsorships for new trophies to be awarded to the Top Bowlers in Divisions 4 and 5 at the end of the season.

Division 4 Top Bowler: The Tony Booth Memorial Trophy

Tony was a bowler in the Winter League as is his wife, Michelle, who has decided to sponsor a new trophy in Tony's memory. Michelle is also a member of the League's Management Committee.

Division 5 Top Bowler: The Dave Horsfall Memorial Trophy Dave was a Milnsbridge BC bowler and his family would like to remember him through this new trophy that they have donated to the League.

The trophies are identical being gold-plated cups (picture provided) suitably engraved. We are immensely grateful to both of these sponsors and hope that this enables the memory of their loved ones to be appropriately remembered for many years to come.

New teams to the League may not be aware that there are end-of-season trophies for the Top Bowler in each of our five divisions. The Top Bowler is the one at the top of the Averages for the Combined Singles and Pairs scores of each bowler's matches for their teams. Positions are based on Games Won and then on Averages. We don't give monetary prizes but we do present a perpetual trophy for each division winner that they keep for the year but they also get a small memento of the achievement to keep for themselves.

The method for positioning the top bowlers is based on Games Won and then further filtered by Averages. This method was decided by the clubs at the 2021 AGM. The current leaders in each of the divisions are shown below direct from the League's Bowlsnet pages.

You can view the leaders chasing these awards anytime on Bowlsnet where you should click on the AVERAGES link from the top border menu. Then click on the SINGLES heading that appears. Then select the ALL GAME TYPES button (highlighted in yellow alongside) to combine the Singles and Pairs records.

We have been very fortunate in the generosity of a number of friends of the League in donating excellent trophies to the League to be used for this purpose. This latest sponsorship completes a full set of trophies for the Top Bowlers in each of the 5 Divisions. For the record they are:

Division 1: Founder's Trophy

Division 2: Lily Rose Trophy

Division 3: Treasurer's Trophy

Division 4: Tony Booth Memorial Cup

Division 5: Dave Horsfall Memorial Trophy

There are three trophies that were purchased from a Founder's Fund specifically set up to fund some initial trophies and the story behind all that can be found here.

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