New Kirklees Council £6k handout for bowling clubs

New £6k grant for bowling clubs

The Government are providing new grants to help businesses restart after the last lockdown. These grants are awarded against similar criteria to that offered before for the £10,000 grant that many bowling clubs received and subsequent two monthly payments of around £900.

Any club that hasn't bid for these original funds has until the end of March to submit a claim as the scheme closes then.

This latest grant will become available from 1 April and the Kirkless Council website indicates that they still await details from the Government before informing businesses of the procedure to be followed.

Some other Council websites are providing more details at this time but they do say that all claimants have to make a new claim and for those with a rateable value below £15,000 then a grant of £8,000 is available. This doesn't sit well with the Kirklees figure of £6,000 below but no doubt in time the full story will be forthcoming. This link is to the information available so far on the Kirklees site with the relevant section reproduced below.

Restart Business Support Grants from 1 April 2021

The government has announced it will provide further funding for eligible businesses through a new 'restart grants' scheme. The grants are to help businesses to plan ahead and safely relaunch trading as coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

Eligible businesses in the non-essential retail sector will receive grants of up to £6,000 depending on the rateable value of their premises. Businesses in the hospitality, leisure, accommodation, personal care and gym sectors will receive grants of up to £18,000, depending on the rateable value of their premises.

Full details of the restart scheme have not yet been published by Government. Once we have received further guidance we will update this web page with details on eligibility and seek to launch the scheme, as soon as possible after 1 April.

We are unable to respond to any questions about the scheme at this stage.

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