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New host green for Winter League

Winter League

The Winter League is pleased to confirm that Primrose Hill Lib will be a new host green for the 2023-24 season starting in October. With the withdrawal of Thorpe Green due to the loss of their catering team the League has been in discussion with three potential replacement clubs and is pleased to announce that Primrose Hill Lib are taking over the Division 3 fixture programme on Mondays for the 2023-24 season.

Staying with a Monday date minimises the disruption to the regular Division 3 bowlers with an excellent bowling surface and great facilities around the green and free parking to accommodate all 8 teams that will be making the club their weekly destination through the winter months.

The Division 3 lineup of 8 teams for the 2023-24 Winter League season is Dalton, Thorpe Green B, Rastrick, Paddock I&C, Lindley Lib B, Milnsbridge B, Hanging Heaton and Marsh United. This addition means that there will be 6 Divisions in the League for the 2023-24 season with 51 teams in total, an increase of 11 new teams from last season.

Huddersfield RUFC at Lockwood Park had previously signed up to act as the host green for the Division 6 competition this year so there are two new host greens as Huddersfield continues to get the Winter bowling bug. At the current rate of growth, the League is going to need another two host greens for the 2024-25 season to keep pace with demand. Any club that wishes more information about becoming a host green should contact the League Secretary, Jeff Jacklin on 07968 171 197 or by email at

The Division 3 fixture programme will be the first off the ground this season with a Monday 2 October start date with an 11.30am start time as usual. The fixture programme for all 6 divisions in the League is expected to be released by the end of August.

Photographs of Primrose Hill Liberal Club bowling green taken earlier this week.

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Karen Rausse
Karen Rausse
Aug 22, 2023

Brilliant 👍 x

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