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New hope for derelict Waterloo

Bowling News

The Waterloo Bowling Club at Blackpool (the Wembley of Bowling) is the iconic home of crown green bowling which has fallen into disrepair following the withdrawal of its safety licence to hold big competitions. A new Committee has worked hard over the past year to recover the situation and make good the damage and disregard that has seen the stands become unsafe. They have raised a lot of money in a short time to fund the investment in the stands required to enable them to be reopened.

Negotiations with the pub landlord, who owns the site, has resulted in only a short-term lease for the next 10-years being offered which the Committee felt would be too short a period to be worth investing the sums needed to complete the recovery work required. The photographs below show the current state of the green and some of the stands.

However, in the last week, it has been revealed that a new consortium has made an approach regarding the site and subsequently plans to return the funding previously donated by individuals has been put on hold whilst this opportunity is followed up. We will try and keep you informed of any developments.

Meanwhile scroll down to see the Waterloo now and also in its prime and also follow the links at the foot of this posting to catch up with previous reports about the demise and fight to save the Waterloo.

and how it used to look ....

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