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New green for 'Thongs Bridge'

ALL OUR YESTERDAYS from 103 years ago:

This newspaper report is undated but reports on the development of a new bowling green at Thongsbridge (or Thongs Bridge as is their preference). It was constructed on a new piece of land donated to the club by Mr R Craig of B Vickerman & Sons Ltd for an annual fee of no more than £1. The build costs of £135 was paid for by £1 membership fees from 70 prospective members with ongoing annual fees of 10shillings and 6d.

The report goes on to talk through the opening ceremony in June 1920 and is an enlightening account of the early days of one of the premier greens in Huddersfield. The discovery of this article caused the planned Centenary celebrations to be amended as things were being planned for a 2020 to be the year of commemorating the 100th Anniversary. The revealing of the fact in this article that the club was first founded in October 1918 caused some hasty rearrangements of the celebrations.

I am very grateful to Richard Armitage for forwarding me the copy of this article. Send me information about the potted history of your club. Contact Us

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