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New features for all bowlers on Bowlsnet

BowlsNet News (4/4/21)

The developer of Bowlsnet, Steve Blaymire, continue to extend the capabilities of this great addition to the world of crown green bowling and a new version has been released for the 2021 season. This includes a number of new features and there is one that may be of interest to individual bowlers. Steve explains ...

I've added a new feature which I hope will be useful to many users, especially just now as fixtures are being published.

If you display the fixtures for your team, the dropdown menu will offer DOWNLOAD CALENDAR. This downloads the fixtures straight into your device's calendar (hopefully anyway).

I've tested it on my iPhone and Outlook on Windows 10 with no problem. I've stored each league in a separate calendar and they all merge together to show all my fixtures.

Any queries or bugs on this you may want to contact the developer, Steve Blaymire, direct via his Facebook page.

However I have always used an alternative way which I think produces a better presentation especially for the club notice board and also provides individual copies for your team enabling them to keep their own team and personal score records as well.

  1. Go to the League Table on Bowlsnet and click on the team you want the fixtures for.

  2. Go to the downward arrow in the top right corner.

  3. Select REPORT

  4. Select HTML (formatted)

  5. Use right click to select all the text you want to copy.

  6. COPY and then PASTE into Word or Excel

From there you can add gridlines to the headings to easily post all the aggregate and match scores throughout the season.

You can also add KO fixtures as well if you wish as I have done below highlighting the matches that are not on the usual Tuesday matchday.

An example of the finished product is below.

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