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New Bowlsnet feature for team captains and others

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Bowlsnet has become such an important part of crown green bowling it makes you wonder how we ever managed without it. It has been around for 10 years now and the developer, Steve Blaymire continues to find new features to add to the model.

The latest function he has loaded up to the live version and he suggests it is a great tool for team captains in picking up on the latest form of all team players so helping the team selection process. Seems to me that it will be of interest to more than just team captains. I'll let Steve introduce it to you ....

Captains.... Are you like me and select your players based on their latest few results? If so, you may like the latest new feature in BowlsNet.

When you display the Averages for a team, you can now click the yellow button and select "Recent Performances" from the top line menu. This new page shows the last 8 results for each player, highlighting them in green for wins and red for losses.

Hopefully, it is now easy to check on the recent results for all team players on the one display, and possibly make your team selection a little bit easier.

The example below demonstrates how the Recent Performances facility looks for the Singles bowlers at Kirkheaton Con 'A'. You can use it for just Singles or Pairs or for the combined scores. Have fun. Follow these links to the Veterans League Bowlsnet pages. 10-Man League 6-Man League Or go here to find Bowlsnet links to all local leagues

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