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Netherton's Thursday photos

Winter League

The title of the 'Wettest Division in the Winter League' is well deserved and reserved for Netherton as another Thursday tests the resolve and resilience of the Division 5 bowlers. But monsoon conditions are nothing but a challenge for these die-hard bowlers and once again this week they proved it by shaking off the drenching to play their favourite outdoor activity.

The bowling was just a pre-cursor to Christmas lunch back in the clubhouse first introduced at Netherton and now being picked up by other divisions as the benefits of a thirsty bowler can only be met by testing a couple of pint sales to ease the joints and limbs after such a soaking.

Photos of the Christmas pie 'n' peas lunch to follow but for now enjoy, from your fireside chair, our photographic record of outdoor winter bowling at Netherton as provided by Robert Tracey.

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