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Nearly four 8-0 wins in Division 4 this week

Winter League

A review and photographs of the Division 4 fixtures played on Monday 31 October

It seemed for quite a while that we were looking at four 8-0 Division 4 scorelines at Lindley Lib on Monday which would have been a Winter League first.

However, a late change in fortunes in the final singles match on the green saw Marsh Lib's Peter Laycock finally see off Colin Sykes of Kirkheaton C&BC to salvage two points for the previous table leaders. That 2-6 result was enough to see Marsh Lib drop to third place but it wasn't enough for Kirkheaton C&BC to go clear at the top.

That achievement was reserved for the host team, Lindley Lib 'B' who did clock up a whitewash 8-0 scoreline overwhelming Paddock I&C 'B'. A first win of the season enabled Lowerhouses 'B' to move into the top half of the table after another 8-0 scoreline this time over Netherton Con 'A'.

Milnsbridge 'B' collected their first win of the season with another 8-0 scoreline this time with Huddersfield Recreation Club 'B' on the receiving end. The Rec Club are never daunted by such setbacks as they enjoy their bowling too much and as they told me 'we may not be the best team in the League but we are the best turned-out team'. Their black and orange full winter kits certainly catch the eye and maybe their bowling will match it one day soon.

Only a few photographs this week as I was delayed at Thorpe Green waiting for the long pairs match to conclude before moving on to Lindley Lib. When I finally got there I was just in time to see some of the final round of matches with only one match left to finish after 2.05pm. Big wins produce early finishes obviously.

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