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Name the Green No.7


The answer to Name the Green No.6 is Waterloo Bowling Club and I am really surprised that I only received four correct answers and they came from Barry Tinker, Lynn Carter, John Hodgson and Bernie Toon, so well done to them all. I can't believe that so many people are as unobservant as I am of their surroundings. The Christmas trimmings are usually up in my home for a couple of days before I notice them, seems there may be some more like me out there!

Plenty of wrong guesses including Bradley & Colne, Thongsbridge, Cowcliffe and the most popular wrong guess was Almondbury BC.

If you have an obscure photo of any local green that you think may offer a fair challenge to our readers then please send me a copy using the email address below.

Time to move on to the next challenge with Name the Green No.7 below. I am expecting an increase in the number of correct answers to this one. Email your best guess to Please don't leave the answer anywhere else as that can spoil the fun for later visitors.


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