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Name The Green No.2


On Sunday we invited you to identify a local bowling green from a small snapshot of it. We do it every winter and this year is no exception and it has become increasingly popular and increasingly difficult over the years.

Name The Green No.1 was Milnsbridge Liberal as the hidden green and we had the correct answer being received from David Catherine, Jeff Mellor, Paul Cooney, Bill Blackburn, Lynn Carter and John Hodgson. There was over 180 viewers of the posting but only these six correct entries.

So Name The Green No.2 is below. Do you recognise the location of this Huddersfield area green? Email your answer to and get yourself mentioned when we reveal the answer in a couple of days' time. Please do not post your answer in the Comments field below as this spoils it for everyone else. Dave and Karen are you listening?

Name The Green No.2

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