Name the Green No.15

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

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You are good you lot out there! I thought that Name the Green No.14 would prove to be a real test of your local knowledge but 13 of you did manage to correctly guess that Name the Green No.14 was Grange Moor. OK so the number of entries was down as happens when things become more difficult but 13 correct out of a total of 19 entries is good Jeff Smith our competition leader was among those 13. That preserves his 100% record and keeps his two-point lead over the chasing pack. Green No.14 was Grange Moor

That was a double points round so 2 points for each correct answer leaves the leaderboard looking like this.

17 Jeff Smith

15 David Catherine, Mike Thornton, Andrew Carter 13 Tim Poulter, Mike Pointon, Margaret Whitwam

12 Jeff Mellor

10 Alan Brown, Peter Swinden,

9 Bob Haigh, David Sykes, T H Umpeg, Woody

Only 2 more rounds to go, one today and the final fling on New Year's Eve. Another two-pointer today and in an attempt to really test the local knowledge and memory banks here is another difficult green and clubhouse to identify. No prizes for the eventual winner other than the smug satisfaction of being the best or the luckiest or the one with most stamina over this month of challenges.

Name The Green No. 15 is below. Complete the form to submit your answer.

You are only allowed one entry so the first one submitted will be the only one counted.

The answer to No.15 and Name The Green No.16 (and final) will be online on Thursday.

Name The Green No.15


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