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'Name the Green' Christmas Special

Bowling Quiz

You told me that the 'Name The Google Green' Quiz was too difficult. I believe you so here is something similar but much easier I hope. I started out with a list of 5 clubs that had two greens. That list then grew to 9 clubs and photos of all 9 are below for you to identify.

Nine local (that means they play in Huddersfield based leagues) bowling clubs to identify. All nine have two greens so that limits your potential guesses for a start. All the photos are from the Google Maps system (with one exception) with satellite pictures of the 9 clubs. There is one trick club among the nine, no more clues. You are probably best off starting by trying to name 9 clubs with 2 greens and working on from there. Over to you.

No prizes this is just for fun and again you can test out your best guesses by emailing them to me at and I will let you know how many you have got correct. All the answers online on Friday.

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