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Name the Green and plea for information


Springwood bowler Jeff Mellor has asked for the help of the local bowling fraternity to add some information about this photograph. Jeff has come across it when doing some research into his family's history. Jeff picks up the story below.

Jeff picks up the story and makes a plea for help.

I’m fairly keen on Ancestry and have been sent this photo from a distant relative, distant on the family tree and distant as she lives in New Zealand.

The two well dressed gentleman are Hubert Mellor and his son Owen Stanley Mellor, often just called Stan. Even though called Mellor they are not from my family line but that of my aunt. She was a Mellor and married my uncle so didn’t have to change her name. The distant relative could not tell me the green but knowing where they were born I think I’ve worked it out but confirmation from local bowlers would be appreciated.

Knowing when the gentleman were born I would put the date between the end of WW2 and 1950. I would also love it if any of the bowlers have any information on the two gentlemen or their families.

Jeff Mellor Springwood BC

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Dave Parkin
Dave Parkin

Given the time frame in the article, a Hubert Mellor was a decent standard bowler from 1920's to the 1940's and is always mentioned a member of Honley Liberal Club. As he's playing his son, it;s likely to be that green There was also a H.Mellor who ws president of the Honley & Brockholes RBL for at least 1939 & 1940 A H.Mellor also bowled for Hillhouse & Birkby in 1949. Can find nothing for his son.


Dave Parkin
Dave Parkin

The HBDA is on the case (Historic Bowls Detective Agency)

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