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Name the Foreign Green - we have a winner!

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Bowling News:

Following the 14th and final round of three greens to identify we have a winner. Jeff Mellor of Springwood has retained top spot after the final round with a total of 38 correct answers to the 42 posers set for you all. The Springwood Exile was one correct answer behind on 37 and continuing the Springwood dominance of this competition with Dave Turner and John Gatenby a further point behind. The full reading of the Leader Board is below and we hope that the tests provided some comfort to many of you.

The full reading of the final placings is below and the final set of answers to Name the Foreign Green No.14 is also below.

Name the Foreign Green 14 Answers

Millhouse Halifax BC Holmfield Park in Thornes Park

All that leaves the final Leader board looking like this:

38 Jeff Mellor

37 Springwood Exile

36 Dave Turner, John Gatenby

32 David Catherine, Frank Richardson

29 Maurice Nicholson

28 Mike Thornton

24 Bob Haigh

21 Mike Pointon

17 Malcolm Gilbert, Roger Stopford, John Hodgson

We have a new competition coming soon. 'Name the Redundant Green' challenges you to name Huddersfield greens that are no longer in use. Five rounds of two pictured greens to name with a clue given for each one. Starts Friday.

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