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These latest memory challenge is proving to be really difficult for our regular contributors with only a couple of half-hearted guesses to date. Bill Blackburn thinks that the gentleman on the back row and fourth from the left could be called Crowther Aspinal and he was a Kirkheaton bowler. Cowcliffe bowler Alan Brown thinks that the gentleman second from the right on the back row could be Malcolm Berry who was an Almondburey Lib bowler. That is all the guesses to date so I've really got you on the run with this one. Does that help anyone to home in on any of the others, or team, or date, or year?

Below is the original posting on this challenge made on Friday.

I am grateful to Paul Rushworth for sending me a copy of the photo below. Unfortunately he doesn't know much more about it than there might be a Kirkheaton bowler among the eleven featured and one of them may be named Michael Crowther.

Knowing what a knowledgeable lot the HuddWeb readers are I thought I would pass it by you all and see what you make of it. Don't know if the trophy on display is a clue or not or maybe you recognise the green from the sparse evidence available. Contact Us

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