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Following my posting yesterday of my opinion of the proposed Veterans League rule change I received this email from Neil Hinchliffe of Marsh Utd which I thought I would share with you. It is reproduced in its entirety with no additions or amendments.

I say the following without ANY connection to the Vets Management Committee whatsoever, excepting being a Club Rep.

I have only seen your latest comments because I was asked to do so by someone. On principle (now there’s a word to conjure with) I no longer usually look at your biased diatribes.

We can all have our opinions on anything and it is right they should be aired but it is far better that this is done HONESTLY.

These suggested changes were issued out to the Clubs VIA their Reps. As usual I took the details to my lot and responded to the Committee with our thoughts.

I’m sure reps and Clubs are all quite capable of also doing so as they wish, without the entirely biased assistance of someone of NO consequence whatsoever except, along with many others, being a Veterans bowler.

It really does though become even more and more apparent that you are a really PATHETIC person, even allowing for the fact also being a narcissist you don’t realise this.

You should, but I know wont, be ashamed of yourself but, as seen so much in recent times, you obviously don’t know the meaning of the word

This is one of a series of equally personal emails I have received from him in recent months. I have not and will not be responding to this or any of his emails. Should I expect a personal attack of this nature just because I have a different opinion to him?

Neil will not thank me for reminding him that he put in writing a recommendation to the Veterans League Management Committee earlier this year that I should be awarded the Special Achievement Award for services to the League. How things change!

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