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More Press hints re pace of return to normality

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The Press continues to speculate about the speed at which the return to normality from the COVID-19 lockdown will happen. After yesterday's revelations in The Times that outdoor sports will receive priority in being permitted to resume action today it is the turn of the Daily Telegraph. Today's issue states that they believe that outdoor sports will be permitted within weeks of schools reopening.

As school reopening is widely accepted to be 8 March then it isn't difficult to read into the Daily Telegraph belief that crown green bowling could actually resume at the beginning of April. Easter Monday is 5 April so that is a convenient breakpoint when change could be implemented. Whether bowlers are ready to return to the greens at that stage is open to question and the subject of our own survey the results of which will be revealed on this website tomorrow.

The Daily Telegraph article goes on to say that the reopening of pubs and restaurants could be allowed in April if an alcohol ban was implemented at the outset. It is difficult to imagine pubs reopening before outdoor sports restarting, so an April restart for bowling is a definite possibility if one believes this newspaper report.

Daily Telegraph 6 February 2021

It came as the first details of the blueprint for lifting lockdown began to emerge, with outdoor sports and socialising likely to be among the first activities permitted within weeks of schools returning in March.

Oliver Dowden, the Culture Secretary, is said to be pushing "hard" for children's team and individual outdoors sports to resume first amid concern that the public health case for them is more pressing.

Government sources signalled that outdoor markets would come next and then high street shops, followed by pub gardens and later indoor hospitality venues.

Pubs and restaurants could reopen as soon as April if they agree not to sell alcohol under options being discussed to allow the widespread relaxation of coronavirus restrictions after Easter.

The Telegraph can disclose that a temporary "booze ban" is being considered as part of the Government's roadmap for lifting lockdown, which will be unveiled on Feb 22.

It is understood the move is being discussed to allay concerns from Prof Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer, and others about the effect of drinking on social distancing.

Under the three-stage plan for lifting restrictions, some outdoor socialising is expected to be allowed in March and schools are set to return.

It is hoped that hospitality can then reopen in April and that all of the most vulnerable will be vaccinated by May, in time for the local elections.

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Feb 06, 2021

I usually take what newspapers say with a pinch of salt. Most like to pretend to have inside information when they don’t and pester Politicians who never say they don’t know the answer to a question and invariably make things up and therefore give, as in the present climate, false or misleading information.

Hardly a day goes by without the same questions to Ministers and the Prime Minister about when the Lockdown will be eased.

Many seem to think that because the numbers of new cases have significantly reduced then decisions should be made now when , in fact, the number of new cases, hospital admissions and deaths are incredibly still high and “miles higher“ than at the end o…

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