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More of the same in Fantasy League

Well Bowled Fantasy League

Jeff Smith extends his lead at the top of the latest Fantasy League table to 16 points, the most that anyone has made of that gap this season. Not a lot of movement in the top ten with mainly minor shuffling of positions but Tim Poulter climbs from 24th to creep into the top 10 with Brian Parker and Maureen Clarkson also making significant headway towards the top ten.

The Transfer Market closed with 26 transfers completed and they were all effective from last Monday. There were 3 teams that were transferred out the most times during this Transfer Window and they were all selected three times for expulsion from the live teams. The three all being from the 10-Man League and were Lockwood Con 'B' (Division 3), Kirkheaton Con B (Division 4) and New Mill (Division 5).

The top selection to be transferred in was in Division 4 where Springwood was recruited by five new owners.

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