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Mirfield Pairs line-up

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Mirfield League News

Here is the full draw for the Mirfield Pairs. Qualifiers to be played on Tuesday 7th September (6.45pm scratch). Draw to be made on the night. 2 pairs to qualify for the Final 16. Winning pairs must draw out number 1 or 2 to determine position in the final. Final 16 - Sunday 12th September @ Thornhill (10.30 start)

Lowerhouses R Mallinson/M Richardson M Armitage/S Whitwam I McKenzie/J Clayton D Teale/D Kilburn N Beswick/C Churm C Gant/J Gant C Gamble/M Whitehead D Piercy/J Hunsley

Farsley R Norris/J Thomas M Cross/S Daniel M Thompson/G Mountain F Hickey/S Anderson M Whitaker/N Whitaker D Balmforth/R Crowther K Rennison/M Goodall

Longwood J Dearden/J Hulley M Atkinson/G Siswick D Shaw/S Shaw S Haigh/N Haigh R Gilbert/E Gilbert P Ingleby/A Daykin D Fox/S Fox

Cleckheaton Sports (Back green) T Morris/J Orbell R Ingham/G Wike J Leach/D Hickey P Bailey/A Whitaker A Wolfenden/C Farquharson H Seehra/S Walder C Hebbard/Partner I Vickers/S Hartley

Ossett C&BC J Blackburn/C Ellis D Cowsill/A Webb I Dowle/N McDermott D Goodall/J Goodall A Limbert/Partner H Messenger/G Foulkes K Walder/T Green M Robinson/Partner

Spen Victoria (Bottom green) R Mitchell/J Green J Dunford/C Nuttall A Walker/J Walker B Sweeney/S Beresford T Hanson/D Upton I Wilson/N Swales A Robinson/R Toulson

The Harold Club N Miller/R Dunford J Senior/R Hitchen K Smith/M Hughes W Hirst/T Hirst G Eyre/L Woodlock M Sweeney/S King A Ward/K Burns

Golcar Lib T Kaye/D Jones T Crowther/I Gledhill L Fallas/J Brown A Frain/C Newsome A Whitwam/A Astbury H Lumb/D Ratcliffe T Butterfield/G Senior D Beeby/N Slattery

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