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Milnsbridge new irrigation system

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Milnsbridge BC has completed the installation of a new irrigation system that will provide a new watering system that can be set to drench the green overnight. Although receiving a grant for over £4,000 the programme of work relied on much of the manual labour being undertaken by club members, some of who are featured below.

Uniquely the system takes water that currently runs through the club's cellars so saving on the water bill. A major piece of the work was about the placing of a feed tank which had to be sunk into the green surrounds. That found a heavy rock base which eventually resulted in a raised bed which has had to be overcome and you will find some new steps and raised areas around the green.

Jim Baxter adds some more details about the project .... There is still some ancillary work to complete and the system to be commissioned and tested. But after months of sometimes testing construction we can see the finish line. The club has always had a problem with spring water flooding the cellar. As a low level drain does not exist, removing the water required a submersible pump. We can now use this water along with rainwater capture to irrigate the green.

Mains supply is fitted as back up along with the legal requirement of double check valve to ensure the water main cannot be contaminated. Members have contributed both financially and as you can see from the photos with practical work. Our long term aim is to improve the quality of the green and this system should help the club achieve this.

Why not tell us and the local bowling community all about the work on your club green and send us a couple of photos to show off the pristine condition of your home green.

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