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Marsh United £2,500 KO

Club News: Marsh United

The prize money may have increased but the format remains the same for the 2022 Marsh United Bowling Club £2500 KO Competition. Gary Siswick has entered to defend the title he lifted last year. Starting with 64 bowlers with 8 consecutive Saturday evenings where 8 bowlers will start each week and one a week will qualify for Finals Night. The full draw has now been made and is below along with a reminder of the scores from Finals Night last year.

June 11th Steven Haigh v Robert Hitchin Josh Brown v Paul Wilczynski Nathan Haigh v Terry Brook Michael Martin v Liam Griffin

June 18th Andy Martinho v Craig Hopwood Ryan Clark v George Turton Graeme Wilson v Scott Fisher Richard Atkin v Gary Siswick

June 25th Duncan Reeves v Stuart Thompson John Lester v Ashley Daykin Damian Morrison v Gareth Coates Ashley Tattersley v Mark Atkinson

July 2nd Peter Conway v Tony Stevens Lee Johnstone v Billy Shaw Geoff Sharpe v Danny Beeby Barry Tinker v Mark Regan

July 9th Paul Hawker v Ross Mallinson Chris Kelly v Dan Edmonds Michael Sweeney v Dan Golpin Sam Day v Daniel Hallas

July 16th Gary Wike v Chris Davies Jack Dyson v Dave Scott Adam Dickerson v Danny Sillitoe Ian Shaw v John Hanson

July 23rd Andrew Lund v Wayne Moseley James Wilcox v Graham Higgins Gareth Metcalf v Craig Gant Fin Hickey v Tom Wright

August 6th Rob Houghton v Liam Fallas Stuart Mort v Graham Hickey Mark McCann v James Martin Dave Worthington v Neil Slattery

August 13th - Finals Night 6:00pm practise and 6:30pm start on all nights including finals night One qualifier from each qualifying night to progress to finals night

Finals Night 2021

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