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Management Committee to meet

Winter League

A meeting of the Winter League Management Committee has been arranged for Tuesday 28 November with a full agenda of items to be discussed and decided upon.

These include:

  • 2024-25 League season. Three new teams have already applied; at least two new host greens required

  • Trophies Two new trophies have been donated to the League to cater for the extra division; Reshuffle of current trophy list required

  • Winter Cup 2024 Format and dates for this season's singles competition

  • Presentation Event Date, venue, format and prices to be discussed

  • Winter Cup Handicapping System Follow up on earlier decision to review current system and to consider alternatives

  • Finance Report The Treasurer will update members with a report on income and expenditure

In addition there is always the opportunity for members to raise any other item at the meeting. The Management Committee is comprised of the three officials (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) plus the four Committee members and a representative from each of the six host greens.

As usual we will be publishing on the website a full report on all the business conducted and any decisions made. Is there any other League that is this transparent in sharing its workings?

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