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Low-tech but effective live scoreboards

Winter League

We have long been advocates of improving communications on matchdays including using Bowlsnet Live and OSCAR on Winter Cup days to keep spectators, entrants and those at home informed of all the scores as they happen. That challenge has been picked on by some of our host clubs to keep bowlers and spectators up to date with match scores as they progress during the weekly League fixtures.

Three of our six host clubs have now adopted simple but effective means of updating everyone present with the latest positions in all weekly fixtures. One is paper-based, the others involve using a whiteboard. All are prominently displayed, some allow teams to add their own scores as games are completed. None of them are high-tech but all do the job and we aim to encourage the other host clubs to extend this practice across all our six divisions in the future.

All three scoreboards are shown below in chronological order.

Scoreboard at Springwood

Springwood were the first to adopt a whiteboard as a means of sharing the latest match scores and they did this from the start of the Winter League in the year 2000. Last season they enhanced the messenger by making it more secure in its elevated position and this season have added the names of individual bowlers to the board.

Scoreboard at Lindley Lib Lindley Lib Club used a whiteboard all last season, their first as a host club in the League. This season has seen the prototype replaced with a bar table cut in half - I kid you not. This was a damaged and redundant bar table that had seen better days and was no longer up to the job. Martin Holt recognised the potential of this table with no legs and cut the top in half to produce two identical scoreboards. Industrial clips enable it to be anchored to the railings on matchdays around the clubhouse where a non-permanent coloured pen is always available for teams to complete the scoring news themselves as games get completed.

Scoreboard at Primrose Hill Lib

Paul English of Primrose Hill LIb picked up on the suggestion of a live scoreboard and produced a simple paper version prominently displayed in an undercover location which he proudly adds names and scores as the matches progress. Simple but very effective.

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