League numbers in freefall

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Thank you to Martin Holt for adding the Comment on yesterday's posting about the number of teams withdrawing from local leagues. For those that missed it, he said

'Slightly further afield the Bradford Saturday league looks like a 25% drop in teams for this year. In 2019 there was 72 teams 2021 looks like 54. That could mean anywhere between 144 & 180 less players each round of fixtures. The Bradford League is a mixed league.'

That prompted me to use the Saturday Leagues as a benchmark and see how other Saturday Leagues were fairing and I managed to find a further 6 that had issued their 2021 fixture lists and hence their league numbers are known. Including Bradford in that listing and none showed an increase in team numbers with Wakefield the only league maintaining the status quo.

Bradford has been particularly hard hit and at face value there doesn't appear to be any particular reason why that should be. They are not starting early with their first round of fixtures scheduled for Saturday 22 May. More Saturday leagues have still to publish their fixture programmes and it will be of interest to all how more of the bigger leagues have faired in the present situation. We will keep you posted on that.

Meanwhile take a look at the Huddersfield area leagues where an average of a 10% drop in team numbers is now being reported.

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