League Committee ignores clubs' call for SGM

Veterans League

I have been informed by one of the clubs that put their name to the call for a Special General Meeting that no meeting will be held as the Veterans League's Management Committee has refused to action that legitimate request from six member clubs. No written explanation has been provided by the League for this action. There is no provision in the League Rules for the Management Committee to withhold this process from clubs which is their right but this Management Committee has a history of paying little accord to their own rules when it suits them.

The League also has a track record for blocking member club requests for rule changes that they don't agree with. Two years ago a written request from eight clubs requesting a SGM to consider a rule change was again blocked by the Committee with no explanation provided at that time or since. That proposal was never allowed to see the light of day and never appeared on any general meeting agenda.

From subsequent private conversations with League Officials I was led to believe that this wouldn't be allowed to happen again but I was misled. Treating member clubs in this despicable manner is unbelievable and as past history dictates the clubs will allow the Management Committee to ignore their own rules once again.

One of the six clubs who were signatories to this call for a SGM is preparing to use a loophole in the rules to get around the current 50% rule and unbelievably the Management Committee will support them in doing that but more of that tomorrow.

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