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John Hoyle R.I.P.

First Posted: 19 April 2020

I am very sorry to inform you that John Hoyle, President of the Huddersfield Veteran's League, passed away this morning at Kirkwood Hospice.

John had been ill for some while but that didn't stop him from leading the arrangements for marking the League's 50th Anniversary with the February Launch Event at Meltham. This was a key objective for John and the success of that event will stand as a tribute to John's commitment to the League.

John joined the HDVBA Management Committee in March 2014 and took on the position of General Secretary in February 2016 where he served until February this year when he took on the top position of President.

John was committed to marking the Association's Golden Jubilee and worked tirelessly in making arrangements to celebrate that milestone despite his failing health. The success of that day is totally down to John's involvement.

We send our heartfelt commiserations to his wife, Doreen, and family. A full tribute to John will be included in our May newsletter.

John Hoyle R.I.P.

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