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It is that time of year again

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It is that time of year again when clubs and bowlers look at their jacks and woods and think about refurbishment, repair, relacquering, testing and Jacks for testing and stamping. Clubs should be aware that any jack used for league matches need testing and date stamping every 7 years. Check the dates on your jacks now.

Help is at hand for any work you identify needs completing during the close season from our friends at Well Bowled and we are happy to pass this information on to any individual or club that is looking for help in these areas.

***Bowl & Jack Refurbishment, Repair, Rebuffing & Testing Service***

For many players it is now the end of the Crown Green bowling season for 2022 (although some hardy types continue bowling through the winter!).

This year we will once again be taking Crown Green Bowls for refurbishment, repair, relacquering, testing and Jacks for testing and stamping to Premier Bowls in Stockport. We’ll drop off and collect bowls and jacks throughout winter on the last Saturday morning of each month so please leave them with us at the shop by 3.30pm the day before.

As you can expect, this is a busy time of the year for Premier Bowls, and we’re not the only bowling shop offering this service. For any work it can be a minimum of 3 months for your bowls to be returned. And for major restoration work, please allow at least 4 months. The sooner you can get bowls and jacks to us the better.

Premier have stated that bowls and jacks that are with them prior to Christmas are guaranteed to be returned before the start of the Summer 2023 season.

***Don’t forget that Crown Green bowling match jacks need to be tested and re-stamped every 7 years. Check them now!***

If you’d like us to deliver and collect yours, details and our prices can be found on our website

If you have any queries, please get in touch: 01422 893351 or by email to

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