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Is the future of The Dome in danger?

Bowling News

I got this message from Jim Baxter which I think may be of interest to local bowlers.

I think I have mentioned before that a group of eight of us bowl at the dome each Friday afternoon in winter.

We have noticed that in the last few months, less and less people are using the facility.

Last Friday there were only four other people having a one-hour game and after our two-hour session no other bowlers were on the green.

I was again at the Leeds Road complex on Saturday morning to see my grandson playing football so out of interest I had a look into the Dome to see how many people were bowling.

It was empty, not one person bowling.

We all know that local authorities are short of cash and will not hesitate to close facilities that are not being used or are losing money.

The problems with the heating are now resolved and the area is pleasantly warm.

I would like to appeal to all local crown green bowlers to think about using the Dome particularly in the winter months.

If not it’s a strong possibility we will all lose the chance to bowl indoors and the Dome will close for good.

Jim Baxter

Three years ago when looking to set up the Winter League I tried to block book half days during the winter months to start the League up. They couldn't fit me in on any day of the week. How things change but it would be a real shame if the town lost another bowling facility.

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With the popularity of winter bowling taking off in Halifax and now in Huddersfield the dome was always going to suffer it's easy to say in hindsight but a) they should have kept it as indoor flat green rink as it was at the old sports centre or b) allowed people to organise leagues straight away as soon as it opened..... There were leagues at the old sports centre Mon-Thurs evening(majority crown green bowlers) and all those people were lost as soon as no leagues were proposed in new dome



I can see why this year has been a poor one for the Dome.

Firstly over the last 12 months travelling up and down Leeds Road has been terrible due to all the reconstruction work taking place, and then secondly when you had battled through the traffic to arrive either late or hopefully just on time you found the heating did not work.

Jim says the heating is now fixed and the roadworks are due to be completed in April, but once you lose people it is difficult to get them back.

It is also worth noting that Huddersfield now has a thriving 40 team Winter League where for half the price of an hour at the Dome you…

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