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Inter-League Working Group

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

League News

A meeting of Huddersfield area bowling leagues took place last Thursday with 8 of the 10 invited leagues in attendance to examine new ways of working together in a bid to stem the decline in bowler and team numbers. Yorkshire CCGBA had also been invited and had issued an assurance that they would be represented but that was not the case. The Huddersfield League and the Colne Valley League were also not represented.

These are the leagues that were represented at this first meeting:

  • Dearne & Don League

  • Huddersfield Junior League

  • Huddersfield Ladies Afternoon League

  • Huddersfield Ladies League

  • Huddersfield Ladies Works League

  • Huddersfield Liberal League

  • Huddersfield Veterans Bowling League

  • Huddersfield Works League

Richard Armitage opened the meeting after introductions of the nine attendees to outline how important it is that leagues now work together to address the decline in our sport. He went on to introduce Philip Warbrick who had put together a proposal for some joint working in providing some qualified coaches for local leagues.

Philip went on to outline how the qualifying scheme could work, the associated costs and how those coaches could be utilised in the future to staff open days for new bowlers across the Kirklees area. This would entail each League sponsoring an individual to take the course at a total cost of £175 with £65 of this recoverable from the BCGBA upon qualification of the individual. It was suggested that each League should sponsor and select one member to undertake the work programme leading to a formal qualification. Members also considered alternative funding streams which would further reduce the costs to leagues.

The attendees agreed to return to their leagues with the outline of this work and financial implications to seek approval and support. The group will meet again in a month's time to report back and consider the next steps. At the next meeting, members will also consider other ways of working together.

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