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Inter-District Averages 2023

Veterans League

The end of the summer season is always interesting to look back and see how individual teams and individuals have fared. This review takes in the individual averages of the Huddersfield team bowlers that competed in the Yorkshire Veterans Inter-District League.

I've divided them between the Home and Away bowlers as the task is obviously more difficult playing away from home. Top of the home team averages is Ray Whitwam who was playing for the representative team for the very first time. Not only was Ray top of the Huddersfield team averages but he was the Number One bowler in the League as well covering all the Home and Away bowlers.

Kirkheaton Con bowler Tony Butterfield topped the away team averages and he was 2nd top in all the Away teams. In fact he was 7th overall in all the Home and Away teams across all the eight representative teams.

Coming Soon: Huddersfield top Inter-District bowlers 2018-2023

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