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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Bowling News

Continuing our introduction to the new Web Portal I hope that visitors have had the opportunity to wander through the pages of information about your League. That is especially true for members of the Ladies Works League who are experiencing the pleasures of their own League web presence for the very first time.

In particular I hope that the Ladies Works League members have found the information contained within the main website to be of interest. Have you visited the pages containing all the history of your League? The records of all the League Champions and Division 2 winners as well as the Individual KO Competition winners since 1976. Then there is the up to date financial report and Balance Sheet for 2019-20 fully covered as well as up to date details of each club's prime contact.

Then there is even more information readily available with the Bowlsnet section providing instant access to the League Tables, Fixtures & Results and Player Averages to all 11 Huddersfield based leagues. Due to the COVID-19 enforced suspension of bowling a number of these links don't actually go anywhere at present but you can see the potential once competitive bowling is fully resumed.

Then there is a full up to date copy of 'The Rules of Bowling' for your instant reference along with records of local bowlers that have passed on over the past year. Arriving shortly is GreenFinder, a comprehensive listing of almost 100 bowling greens in the area which is a boon for the new bowler or one joining a new league. So lots already available but we don't stop there as there are always plans in the making about how we can improve and extend the website.

For example I have historically always provided a platform for people to raise topics and start discussions on all things bowling. A Discussion Board or Members Forum is likely in the near future. Just because it is the winter and little bowling available to report on doesn't mean we stop posting articles of interest every day of the week as we dip into our bag of tricks to keep you involved and interested.

For example you can expect to see a competition for all in identifying a local club green from a part photograph of a distinct part of a green or its surround. Everyone can play and it becomes a real tester. Then we hold surveys and polls on various topics - you can even suggest topics for inclusion. History of current and redundant greens are always popular and we have previously provided information on greens now closed that most local bowlers never knew existed such as at Harden Moss, Scammonden or the top of Castle Hill.

Next week there will be an exciting announcement about HuddWeb which will be of special interest to all Veterans League bowlers among our visitors.

Hold on tight and enjoy the ride and make sure that you visit the Portal every day to catch up on the 7.00am daily postings. Welcome to HuddWeb.

Tomorrow I will share with you how to interpret the numbers and icons on each of the Homepage Latest News postings.

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Nov 14, 2020

This is a good selling job for leagues to join the Portal !!

At this price - free for the first few months and then a bargain price thereafter I’d expect all the invited Leagues to join if they don’t have an existing website.

As a bowler in the Huddersfield Vets League I assume that the League no longer have their own website but , in my opinion, they need one.

So I very much hope they take advantage of this offer.

It’s got to be far cheaper than engaging a company to build a website from scratch if that is what they are contemplating.

Plilip of Lindley

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