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Harry Lumb is the 2023 Champion of Champions

Bowling News

Kirkheaton Cons bowler, Harry Lumb, followed up on his Autumn Handicap success at Golcar Lib last week by adding the Huddersfield Champion of Champions title on his home green yesterday. Harry beat Mark Sykes (12/1) in the final 21-10 to seal a good day for the host club. This was a second defeat in the Final for Golcar Lib bowler Mark Sykes having lost in 1994 to Roger Crowther.

Harry went off as an 11/2 chance to win the tournament and he was one of four home bowlers who had a 3-2-1 handicap added to their chances. The other three homesters being Dave Fox (2/1 favourite), Graham Hirst and junior Harley Tattersley who all went out in the opening round.


M Gilbert 20-21 E Haigh A Wolfenden 12-21 D Beeby M Sykes 21-15 J Davison

T Brook 17-21 C Ripley

N Slattery 21-13 *D Fox

O Laurie 21-18 *H Tattersley

*G Hirst 18-21 A Harper

*H Lumb 21-18 M Atkinson


E Haigh ?-21 D Beeby

M Sykes 21-17 C Ripley

N Slattery 21-9 O Laurie

A Harper 16-21 *H Lumb

SEMI-FINALS D Beeby 14-21 M Sykes N Slattery 17-21 *H Lumb

FINAL M Sykes 10-21 *H Lumb

* 3-2-1 Home bowlers handicap

How they qualified

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