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Gridlock at top of Inter-District table

Veterans League

The latest round of fixtures in the 2024 Yorkshire Veterans Inter-District League has left a gridlock situation at the top of the table with only 3 points separating the top four teams. Huddersfield are among that quartet after a 30-26 win over Halifax which was good enough to push the losers to the top of the pile.

It was a day when the variant weather changed the pace of the greens several times. From warm sunshine to heavy downpours to strong winds all contributed to challenging conditions which is so much a part of the game.

A 30-26 win for the Huddersfield side with the home team having six winners to run up a 20-8 win whilst the away team went down 10-18 at Elland WMC. All the individual scorecards are shown below along with the updated league table.

The Castleford v Skipton result remains outstanding but that is normal for Castleford in submitting the last result every round to date. Neither of the teams are involved in that outstanding result are involved at the top end of the table. A number of photographs of the away leg at Elland WMC will be added to the site shortly along with the updated results and table after the Castleford result is finalised.


LATEST TABLE (Castleford v Skipton result still outstanding)


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