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Greenhead Park has had a team in the Veterans League for many years in fact they are one of the 14 founder member clubs of the League. They don't have any other teams in any other leagues other then the Veterans League. They are one of only two park-based clubs left in Huddersfield and as such don't have access to the income enjoyed by other clubs such as that from bar sales or from local and government grant schemes. Their green is wide open to the public who frequently decide that it is a very good surface for playing football on. They don't have a lot going for them other than a determination to continue to provide a platform for anyone who wishes to bowl regardless of what level of competence they are at.

Despite that they are surviving and even expanding with a number of new male bowlers this year enabling them to enter a new team into the 6-Man League. A new opportunity to expand further now beckons but they need some help in progressing that - help that other local clubs may be able to provde.

A number of ladies have expressed an interest in learning about crown green bowling and want to test the game out at Greenhead Park. The club is very keen to offer them a real opportunity to test it out with the best possible outcome of a good introduction. To do that they need some woods that are suitable for new lady bowlers to use for that purpose. Hopefully once tried out the lady bowlers would want to go to the next step of purchasing their own woods but until they know if it is a game for them they need to have a test run.

Is there any local club or individuals that can provide them them with some lightweight woods for these lady bowlers? Greenhead Park would be enormously grateful of any such offers which in turn they hope will lead to their club becoming more secure that an increased membership could bring. Similarly they can also offer a good home for any bowls suitable for men bowlers as well.

If you think that you can help the club and make a real difference to their future then please contact Richard Pearcey on 01484-531708 or 07813 738162 or email Richard at

Next month an open day is planned at Greenhead Park and Ravensknowle Park that it is hoped to attract new bowlers and give as many people as possible the opportunity to try out our sport. Sunday 19 June is the date earmarked by the Huddersfield Bowling Development group to build on the training and qualification of 14 new bowling coaches by holding this Open Day for New Bowlers. More of that later but for now if anyone can help Greenhead Park then they will be eternally grateful.

We welcome all the news about your club and help you promote your bowling events and share your plans and publicise your competitions completely free of charge. Then report on these events afterwards and add some photos to keep your club very much in the local bowling limelight.

The form below is for your use to inform us of anything happening in your club that you would like to share with all the website visitors. We look forward to hearing from you.

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