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Green in Intensive Care at Thorpe Green

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A major exercise has been undertaken on the green at Thorpe Green with the home playing season curtailed a month early to enable the work to begin. All that foresight and hard work is caught on camera and I am grateful to David Frost for providing this timeline of photos and commentary to share with all HuddWeb readers.

David Frost takes up the commentary:

The green suffered a serious setback two seasons ago when weedkiller was delivered and applied instead of the ordered Weed & Feed and damaged the top level furthest away from the clubhouse. The club has spent two years trying to address the problem whilst continuing to use it but eventually it became clear that a major exercise would be required to recover the situation and return the green to the grand surface that members had become used to over the years.

External contractors were brought in and they started the work programme in August. By early September a considerable amount of progress had been made. The photographic record is below and starts from 6 September. A complete reseed has been undertaken and the large sheets in the photos were put on by the people doing the work in order to help bring on the new seed which was added.

The green has been scarified, tyned and had top dressing added along with the new seed.

The new grass has taken root and the green is certainly looking a lot lusher now.

We are cutting it around once a week weather permitting (but not at low bowling green height as yet) and now have a small group who meet each Tuesday morning to tackle other work like green edges and surrounds etc.

More photos are promised as nature takes over.

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Dave Sykes
Dave Sykes
Oct 14, 2023

surely the company who supplied you with weed killer instead of weed and feed should be liable for any damage to the green for supplying the wrong product.

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