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First 5-3 scoreline of the season

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Winter League

Review of the Division 2 matches played on 3 November

The first 5-3 scoreline of the season was recorded at Springwood this week as Meltham hung on to their unbeaten Division 2 record but were moved out of the top spot. The new team from Lindley Lib pushed the leaders all the way with Meltham edging the games 2-1 but a 45-45 drawn aggregate resulted in the first-ever 5-3 scoreline.

Meltham lost top spot as a result although remain unbeaten but Springwood 'A's third consecutive 8-0 scoreline enabled them to overtake the previous leaders and move 3 points clear the top. That whitewash win was over Denby Dale who stay out of the relegation zone as The Recreation Club were without a match this week and Paddock I&C went down 0-8 to fellow new team Almondbury BC as the league starts to settle down as the points begin to add up.

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