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Final round of 'Name the Redundant Green' result

Bowling News

The last two 100% records both went crashing out in the final round of our final quiz for this close season. Jeff Mellor and J&D both got one green wrong at the final hurdle with each getting a different green wrong. Both remain tied at the top as Bob Haigh also got one wrong to miss out on sharing top spot. Storthes Hall and Fernside Estate at Almondbury being the correct twosome in the final round.

With naming the last two greens and final scores of our Name the Redundant Green competition we bring to a close the run of different competitions for this close season. We hope it helped to pass a little time during the lockdown and provoked some memories for you. There have been 2 or 3 challenges every week from the beginning of December on the website but now we move on to hopefully concentrate on the way back to the bowling green for all of us.


Storthes Hall Fernside, Almondbury

Final Leader Board

9 - Jeff Mellor, J&D

8 - Bob Haigh

7 - Andrew Carter, Maurice Nicholson

6 - Martin Holt, David Catherine

5 - John Hodgson

4 - Mike Thornton, Alan Fawcett, Peter Read, Alan Brown, Pat Hodgson

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I would like to say a big Thank You to Jeff for organising these fun competitions on the Web over the winter

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