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Fantasy League final table

Well Bowled Fantasy League

As we reach the end of another Winter League season that also heralds another Fantasy League payout for the successful entrants to our unique season-long Fantasy League competition.

Well done to Almondbury BC bowler Simon Neve who comes out top with a 9-points lead over Chris Windle of Springwood. There are Well Bowled Sales Vouchers for both of them with the winner taking a £50 prize and the runner-up a £30 voucher.

Then things get complicated as three bowlers share third place which carried a £20 sales voucher prize. That doesn't divide equally between three so we have supplemented the prize fund to provide £10 sales vouchers for all three of the 3rd place prize winners.

Thank you to Well Bowled for their generous sponsorship of this year's competition and thank you to all 90 entrants (a 10-year record number) I hope that you have enjoyed following your selected teams throughout the season.

We hope to be running our Summer Fantasy League once again this year with transfer windows to enhance the experience but with a twist this time around. More on that later but for now we can confirm the Winter Fantasy League prize fund has been divided up like this with all the prizes paid out in Well Bowled sales vouchers.:

1st - Simon Neve £50

2nd - Chris Windle £30

3rd - Maurice Nicholson £10 3rd - Paul Rangeley £10

3rd - Jean Machen £10

All the vouchers will be sent out on my return from holiday.

The new Top Team Trio competition final table will be posted online shortly.

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