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Division-by-Division Top Bowlers

Winter League

The League recognises the end-of-season Top Bowler in each of the six divisions by awarding a perpetual trophy sponsored by various individuals and families. In addition, each winner receives an engraved silver plate to retain in memory of their achievement. As we have just passed the halfway point of the season I thought it an opportune time to share the latest state of the competition in each division. You can of course look at these standings anytime for yourself by visiting our Bowlsnet pages and clicking on Averages making sure that you opt for the Singles and Pairs combined score..

The Top Bowler standing in each division is determined by the number of wins that each bowler has collected and where those totals are the same the order is determined by the one with the better Average. Remembering that we have Singles and Pairs every week in matches the Top Bowler totals are a combination of both.

Our Match Play Rule 13 covers this adequately:

Top bowler averages will be determined by most games won and then by the best average score. In the event of any draws at this stage then places shall be determined by the Best Aggregate For total. Singles and Pairs totals will be combined. Bowlers must have played 60% of their team's matches to qualify.

The present Top 10 standings in each division are shown below but the most noticeable scores to single out at this stage in each division are:

Division 1 Ian Briggs finished runner-up last season and is under pressure to improve on that this time around but continues to set the pace.

Division 2 Cowcliffe A have their own team competition being played out in front of them as they take the top four positions. This is the only division that doesn't have a lady bowler in the top ten.

Division 3 Dominated by Hanging Heaton and Marsh United just as the title race is as they both have four bowlers in the top ten. Only three different teams are represented in the top ten which is the lowest number in any of the divisions.

Division 4

Three bowlers from different teams lead the way all with 100% win records which is two more than any other division.

Division 5 Slaithwaite captain Chris Sykes has the highest Average (14.75%) of any bowler in any division.

Division 6 With 3 bowlers in the top five, it is clear why Linthwaite Hall continues to lead the table.

TOP 10 BOWLERS DIVISION BY DIVISION (as at 6 January 2024)

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Interesting question. Just done a quick count on the Division 1 top ten which identifies 7 of the Top 10 being exclusively singles bowlers and the other 3 all being regular pairs bowlers. Make of that what you like. As you go down the divisions there is more practice of bowlers taking their turns in the pairs.


Jan 07

Am I right in thinking that the leading bowlers in most divisions are the singles bowlers ?

If so, could this be because they have played the most games whereas the pairs bowlers are rotated more.

Philip of Lindley

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