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Division 6 Christmas lunch

Winter League

This is the Rugby Club's first season hosting Winter League bowling and they have taken to it like a duck to water and there was plenty of water around on Thursday to test that theory. After all the activity on the green over 50 bowlers and supporters squish-squashed their way across to the plush surroundings of the main Rugby Club building. The bar was open, the welcome was warm and the organisation was first class.

The paper quiz kept everyone involved and starting to feel in the Christmas spirit as the banter began to grow. Not least from the 7-man squad of Kirkheaton Con bowlers who turned up even though they had no match this week and took away three of the raffle prizes to make their day. The pie 'n' peas (pork pie that is which my wife has never got used to after 20 years of living in Huddersfield but she wasn't there anyway so no problem) was dished up very promptly and had to be washed down with a good glass of beer despite the Black Sheep being off.

I think this Christmas lunch first introduced by Netherton Con last season when the Rugby Club team were based there then, is here to stay and is a grand gesture much appreciated by all and just adding to the social record that the League continues to show every week through the season.

I didn't get around to taking photos of all the tables, just the noisiest ones!


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