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COVID alert from Thorpe Green

Winter League

We have been made aware that a bowler who played for Brockholes on Monday at Thorpe Green has tested positive for COVID-19. Brockholes have alerted their Monday opponents from Thorpe Green about the infection and the Thorpe Green bowlers are being tested.

Anyone who was at Thorpe Green on Monday may care to have a test to reassure themselves that they are free of the infection. The Brockholes team have already been tested and all have proven to be negative. If you were at Thorpe Green on Monday please tell your teammates about this and take the test.

Testing kits for self-testing are widely available free of charge. There is also a walk-through testing station on Pine Street off Old Leeds Road in Huddersfield. No appointment is necessary. Others are open in Ravensthorpe and Brighouse.

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Karen Rausse
Karen Rausse
Dec 22, 2021

Done the lateral test !!! Negative !!!

MerryChristmas and a happy New year to all

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