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The 16 Qualifiers for the Kirkheaton Cons Saturday League KO Final are now known following two days of competition this weekend. That extra session was to make up for the day lost to the weather so after 6 weeks we are down to the final 16 who will battle it out next Sunday.

The Bank Holiday Sunday Final will have a prize fund of £230 to be shared out between the final four left standing with £100 for the winner. It is a 1.30pm start on Sunday 30 May for the final qualifiers who are D Kilburn, G Senior, G Foulkes, J Brown, T Butterfield, B Waddington, M Whitehead, M Connolly, J Waddington, J Clayton, H Messenger, T Gledhill, A Cooper, P Berry, I MacKenzie, M Laycock.

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